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Appointment Reminders for Legal Industry

Published on 08 December 2020

Appointment Reminders for Legal Industry


If you are a law firm using appointment reminders, you can increase your billable hours and optimize your time. There is no need to pay a secretary to manually make tedious appointment reminder phone calls. Doing so is a waste of everyone’s time at the firm. With AppointmentReminder.com you can automate the entire process from start to finish. Our system has helped 100s of attorneys remind clients of important court dates and appearances all over the world.

The highlights of the AppointmentReminder.com system:


  • Monthly contract with 14 day FREE trial period. We offer flexibility if you are just doing seasonal business.
  • Fewer missed appointments — clients receive automatic text, email, and phone reminders as directed by you.
  • Fast Setup — integrate with your current calendar and add online scheduling to your website.
  • Get clients there on-time and prepared with customized reminder messages
  • Quickly respond to clients with 2-way messaging
  • Both you and your clients can access web scheduling day or night, 24/7

Our appointment reminder service that uses SMS, email, and phone calls is tested, used, and proven to work for many lawyers and attorneys. Here are just some of the calendar options that you have with our flexible system.


  • Use AppointmentReminder.com integrated calendar to easily add appointments and individualize your upcoming court dates.
  • Google Calendar This is a free system that works great with AppointmentReminder.com. We have a 2-way sync with Google Calendar that allows you to add appointments through both the app and desktop versions of the calendar. More than half of our users use Google Calendar to connect to AppointmentReminder.com.
  • Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 If your calendar is using one of the Microsoft Calendars then connected to AppointmentReminder.com becomes incredibly easy. You simply add the reminder you need, where you need it, and you move throughout the rest of your workflow in one of the many other software solutions that gets the job done for you. We also support the new Microsoft 365 Calendar for businesses.
  • Apple iCloud Calendar we seamlessly integrate with your Apple Calendar with a 2-way sync between the system. This allows you to use the Apple products that you love in-order to schedule and make appointments for clients.

We also have a convenient online scheduling tool that is free to use for scheduling your appointments.


Legal professionals are working more remotely now and this involves collaboratively working on documents, using Zoom and many other legal related tasks. No matter how you need to work remotely, AppointmentReminder.com can help save you time and money. You can use our easy calendar to remind your clients about deadlines, virtual meetings, court dates, or in-person meetings.

To get starting using AppointmentReminder.com click on the “Start Free 14 Day Trial” button below.

Are you ready to save time and money?

Appointment Reminder is designed with one goal in mind – to allow you to
make more money off of your clients, while wasting less time contacting them.