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Get 90% Open Rates, and 70% Response Rates On All Reminders, Without Dialing a Number or Writing a Message.

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Stop wasting valuable time tracking down your clients and customers. With Appointment Reminder, you can schedule reminder messages in your favorite calendar application and automatically remind your customers about their upcoming appointments.

But what makes Appointment Reminder so unique? Unlike many automated systems, Appointment Reminder works seamlessly with the most popular scheduling applications like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, so that you don’t have to learn a new system to start saving time and money. Of course if you're looking for a Online Booking Calendar we have that covered too.

Time-Saving Tech… Zero Learning Curve

Our innovative automated messaging system is powerful, but that doesn’t mean that it’s complicated. Appointment Reminder was designed for plug-n-play use in fast-paced offices. No learning curve. No new systems to complicate your workflow. Our servers connect directly to your existing calendar software, so that you don’t have to learn a new system to start saving time and stop making calls.

Works on all UK Mobile Networks

Automatically Connect to Your Existing Calendar

Appointment Reminder

Google Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Team Up Group Calendar

Apple iCloud


CSV File

Any iCalendar Calendar (ICS)

Send Reminders They Can’t Ignore

The Appointment Reminder system is fully supportive of all critical communication systems, from Texts to Emails, so that you can reach your customers where they prefer to receive their messages. Simply set your reminder when they schedule their appointment.

Appointment Reminder Can Help You…

Save valuable time for small businesses who tend to spend more time keeping track of clients than actually serving them.

Exponentially increase the value of your marketing expenses, by re-engaging past clients, and showing your customers that you care.

Significantly cut down on no-shows and late cancellations, saving you stress, and allowing you to earn more money.

Improve efficiency in the office and cut down on midday phone calls, emails, and text messages that distract your employees from their most important tasks.

And Much More!

Reach More Clients On More Platforms

SMS & Text

Reduce No-Shows With a 90% Open Rates

If you’re tired of having to reschedule for the no-shows who claimed to have missed your message, try sending your reminders straight to their phone with SMS & Text.

Text messages have been proven to deliver a 90% open rate (the highest available), and can significantly decrease the number of no-shows at your office.

Responding to text messages is much more convenient for your customers and clients, and will save you the time and disruption of picking up your phone.

To improve the effectiveness of your SMS & Text Reminder system, simply ask them to confirm. Once they confirm their appointment, they’ll be much less likely to skip it.

Voice Reminders

Add a Personal Touch With Scripted Voicemail

Voice reminders, like text messages, have a very high engagement rate, meaning that your clients will be more likely to listen, and respond, to your reminder messages.

Voice reminders are still extremely popular for dentists, doctors, and fitness trainers, because of the added personal touch of a real voice.

Need to send multiple follow-up voicemails? No problem! With Appointment Reminder, it’s easy to schedule multiple messages, over multiple formats, with different scripts, so your customers never have to hear the same message twice!

Email Reminders

Great for Detailed Reminder Messages

Appointment Reminder’s fully integrated email system is easy to use, and works flawlessly with your favorite email client. Need to send a new client a map to your location? It’s easy with email. Want to include a questionnaire for pre-appointment prep? Just set up an onboarding email, and use it for every new client.

We’ve found that fitness trainers and nutritionists love our email reminders. It’s never been easier to automate emails with diet plans, workout regimes, and more.

Want to maximize your engagement? Use Appointment Reminder’s SMS & Text function to get their attention, and then send them to their email for more details!

Powerful Features for Easier Profit

Looking for a system that can adapt to your unique dynamic needs without becoming too complicated to use? Appointment Reminder has been designed with the exact functionality that you need for your business to run like clockwork. No more. No less.

Simple Startup

At Appointment Reminder, we believe that using an automation software should be simple from start to finish. From the moment you download Appointment Reminder, you’ll be able to simply and intuitively import all of your existing client information in a snap. And, if you use Outlook or Google, the transfer will happen automatically.

Messaging automation softwares are designed to save you time, not waste it. Let us help you save time with our plug-n-play system.

Dynamic Scheduling

Want to be able to manage all of your appointment reminders at one time? Prevent distraction by sending your reminders at a specific time, so that you can receive most of their replies in bulk.

But our scheduling functionality doesn’t stop there. You can schedule specific reminder messages for specific times of the day to meet your clients’ needs, or your own. Choose Appointment Reminder for greater scheduling flexibility.

Higher Response Rates

Unlike many appointment reminder systems, our system makes it easy to process replies in bulk, instead of allowing them to interrupt you throughout the day.

We highly recommend asking for a reply in each of your reminder emails. In January of 2016, our clients received an average of a 30% response rate. The clients who requested a response received more than 70%.

And guess what? The people who responded were much more likely to show up to their appointment prepared and on time.

Multiple Scripts

Our system is designed to adapt to the needs of a variety of businesses, and to adapt to your needs as your business grows. Chances are, you probably won’t want to be strapped to one script for all of your reminder messages.

With Appointment Reminder, it’s easy for separate staff to create customized reminders. It’s also possible to schedule different reminder scripts for different services. Need to remind a customer to show up for their test drive? Use our multiple scripting options to create scripts suited specifically to your customers.

Service You Can Trust

At Appointment Reminder, we may deliver systems that are automated, but our help-desk is anything but. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for people of all ages and technical experience to schedule appointment reminders with ease. But, if you do have a problem, we’ll be standing by to provide you with a quick solution.

Each and every Appointment Reminder staff member has multiple years of helpdesk experience, so that you can always count on polite and thorough service.

Click on the button below to start your free trial, and we’ll be standing by to help you get the most out of Appointment Reminder from day one.

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Proven By Professionals

With so much dynamic functionality, Appointment Reminder can be used for practically any company or individual who needs to save time interfacing with clients.

Appointment Reminders is currently being used by…


Need to keep your patients coming back for regular checkups and follow-up appointments? Save your admin staff time and stress with our powerful reminder automation system.


Want to spend less time in your own inbox, and more time on your billables? With Appointment Reminder, you can automatically remind your clients (and coworkers) about essential upcoming meetings.


Want to ensure that your clients don’t miss their quarterly payments to the IRS? Just schedule simple quarterly reminders to avoid fees and audits.

Financial Advisers

Want to keep your clients informed about their portfolio? Need to recommend a new security to your clients? Appointment Reminder is a perfect way to communicate without wasting your own valuable time.


Need to automate communication with a long list of online coaching clients? Schedule value-packed emails, send daily reminders, and increase client engagement, all with our easy-to-use appointment automation system.


If your clients tend to forget about their annual cleanings, or if you need to remind them about a follow-up, there’s no easier way to send simple reminders, with limited effort from your staff.

Teachers and School Officials

Want an easy way to let parents know that their child was absent from school? Need to send out appointment reminders for parent/teacher conferences? You don’t have time to track down every parent. Trust Appointment Reminder to save you time, and increase parent engagement.

And Much More!

Every day, we work with customers from a variety of niches, who are using Appointment Reminder to completely revolutionize the way that they run their businesses. If you can think of a way to leverage our system for even greater business efficiency, we want to know about it!

See Why Our Customers Love Appointment Reminder…

“Missed appointments waste our valuable clinic time and cause unnecessary stress to our staff. We’ve slashed our DNA rate using Appointment Reminder, and our clients love the convenient TXTs. I have also been very impressed by the usability, customization options, and reliability of the system. It’s a great local solution, with a prompt friendly local team to back it up.”

Kyle Beggs, Orthodontist

“We are delighted to be using such an easy & reliable reminder system. The team at Appointment Reminder are lovely to deal with and are always available. On top of that, our clients love the text reminders – so much more convenient and makes it just about impossible to miss an appointment!”

Deb Barwood, Orthodontist

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How Much Does a No-Show Cost Your Business?

You spend a lot of money marketing your business, attracting clients, and retaining them! Yet, most businesses lose clients simply because they forget to show up. Don’t throw money down the drain. Trust Appointment Reminder to keep your clients and customers on schedule, and your business profitable.

You’re throwing this much money down the drain every time a client doesn’t show up…

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Legal Advice


How Much Does it Cost to Prevent No-Shows?

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We’re so confident that you’ll make more money in less time by using Appointment Reminder, that we’re willing to bet our own money on it…

If You Don’t See an Immediate Improvement In Your Customer Engagement…

Are You Ready to Save Time and Money?

Appointment Reminder is designed with one goal in mind – to allow you to make more money off of your clients, while wasting less time contacting them.

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